Cash for Gold

NOW IN DEVELOPMENT AS A FEATURE FILM! COMING 2020. Watch the award-winning short here. Starring Navid Negahban and Deborah Puette. Written by Deborah Puette. Directed by Robert Enriquez.


   2013 Hollywood Film Festival

      2014 Florida Film Festival

2014 Sonoma International Film Festival

   2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival

   2014 Sunscreen Film Festival

 2014 Noor Iranian Film Festival

   2015 Pasadena FIlm Festival


How to say 'thank you'?

This film could not have been made without the help of 114 people who sent various amounts of their hard-earned cash to our Kickstarter campaign. In doing so, they became backers on this project and will forever be a part of its creation. We are indebted to each and every one of them. As soon as we can, we'll get that list printed out here, but in the meantime you can visit our Kickstarter page here then click the tab 'backers.'

We are also indebted to the following folks and entities for their participation on various levels, all important:

Fancy Jewelry and Loan and the entire Badawi Family for providing our marvelous location


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