Cash for Gold

NOW IN DEVELOPMENT AS A FEATURE FILM! COMING 2020. Watch the award-winning short here. Starring Navid Negahban and Deborah Puette. Written by Deborah Puette. Directed by Robert Enriquez.


   2013 Hollywood Film Festival

      2014 Florida Film Festival

2014 Sonoma International Film Festival

   2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival

   2014 Sunscreen Film Festival

 2014 Noor Iranian Film Festival

   2015 Pasadena FIlm Festival


Cash for Gold tells a heartfelt story of hope and redemption in the face of overwhelming misfortune, and in the process redefines how to convincingly and maturely deploy Christmastime as a thematic conceit.  Wrestling with the trauma of losing her husband to heroin and struggling with sobriety herself, Grace (Deborah Puette) lives in poverty with her adorable son Noah, barely making ends meet in a blue collar town devastated by the opioid epidemic. 

The script builds the world of rural with a vivid and efficient attention to detail—shuttered homes, dilapidated trailer parks, rundown karaoke joints—that effortlessly sets the stakes for its characters by virtue of the environment itself: in a town this troubled, every day is a struggle. In her unlikely friendship with Ehsan (Navid Negahban) and his father Mohammad—an Iranian family depicted with respectful cultural specificity—Grace finds the strength and compassion to pull herself out of despondency. In the process, the story conveys how the resilience of the human spirit can overcome even the darkest of circumstances: a truer and more poignant Christmas fable than any in recent memory.”

—The Black List