Cash for Gold



   2013 Hollywood Film Festival

      2014 Florida Film Festival

2014 Sonoma International Film Festival

   2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival

   2014 Sunscreen Film Festival

 2014 Noor Iranian Film Festival

   2015 Pasadena FIlm Festival


NBCUniversal Short Film Festival Finalist!

So back in February when we said we were done with fests? We lied. But not on purpose! A fantastic opportunity to enter into the prestigious NBCUni Short FF presented itself, so we did.  And after a successful, fun screening at the semi-finals in NYC in August, we advanced to the finals here in Los Angeles. 8 films out of 2000+ entries--not too shabby!

The films were shown on October 21 at the Directors Guild of America. We were honored to be among the other films, and we'd like to thank NBCUniversal for treating us so well over the last several months!

the end of the fests--a new chapter begins!


Last week, we wrapped a year and a half of festival appearances with our final festival screening at the lovely Pasadena Film Festival. Pasadena is the home of our beloved Executive Producer Michael Seel; it felt fitting to complete our run in southern California, where the film was shot and premiered.

Over the past year and a half, we've had the honor of playing at the Academy Award-qualifying Florida Film Festival, again in Florida at Sunscreen, and up in Sonoma at their film and wine-centered fest. We've played in Los Angeles three different times including our world premiere at the star-studded Hollywood Film Festival followed by the even shinier Hollywood Film Awards (the stars! the drinking! the crazy speeches!), at Hollyshorts where they celebrate the short, and at the Noor Iranian Film Festival where we were welcomed with open arms and honored to be nominated for Best Short. This, from a festival where we were perhaps the only non-Persian filmmakers in attendance, was perhaps our greatest gift among many great ones. Thank you to all who hosted us. We're humbled by your generosity and real love for film.

And so today, we're thrilled to announce that we're releasing Cash for Gold to the world via this website--you can watch it from the home page. Please let us know if you enjoy it. We're extremely grateful for the places this story has taken us over the last year and a half and are looking forward to this next step in our journey of bringing a small story about hope to the rest of you.