Cash for Gold

NOW IN DEVELOPMENT AS A FEATURE FILM! COMING 2020. Watch the award-winning short here. Starring Navid Negahban and Deborah Puette. Written by Deborah Puette. Directed by Robert Enriquez.


   2013 Hollywood Film Festival

      2014 Florida Film Festival

2014 Sonoma International Film Festival

   2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival

   2014 Sunscreen Film Festival

 2014 Noor Iranian Film Festival

   2015 Pasadena FIlm Festival


Robert Enriquez, Director/Producer

Robert Enriquez is the president and owner of Red Baron Picture Corp. where he serves both as a producer and as the director of production. For a full list of his credits, visit IMDb.

From Robert:

My fellow producer and the writer of Cash for Gold, Deborah Puette, brought me this script back in the summer of 2011, and I immediately saw in it a story I could care about. While this is my first film as a director, I have produced many films, often simply for the excitement of camaraderie and the challenge of the production. Cash for Gold was something different. The story moved my heart, and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  If as a society we are to truly reach our highest potential, we must look beyond our differences to see the good in each other, our shared struggles and the ways we can help each other. With Cash for Gold, I like to think we're putting something into the world that lifts us all up, even by a little bit, even for a few moments at a time. I hope you enjoy our film and take something from it, just as I did and continue to do.

Deborah Puette, Writer/Producer

Deborah Puette has written numerous personal essays and short stories, many of which she has performed in various venues across the country. She is also an Ovation Award-winning theater producer. Cash for Gold marks her first foray into writing and producing for the screen. For a full list of her credits, visit IMDb.

From Deborah:  

I knew I wanted to write a story about unlikely allies, about two seemingly very different people who deeply affect the other's life in a matter of minutes. It's a chance encounter that neither of them will ever forget. That intrigued me. I'm so very grateful to Robert for seeing the potential in the script, for protecting it ferociously during the journey from page to screen and for being the most collaborative, supportive partner I can imagine. I'm so excited to share Cash for Gold with the world.